How To Get A Lucid Dream – How Reality Checks Can Induce Lucidity

If you want to know how to get a lucid dream then something that is going to help you a lot is using reality checks to induce lucidity. These are just basic checks that you can go through that can let you know whether you are dreaming or not. There are many reality checks that you can use but they all have the same purpose at the end of the day.

Reality checks

Going through reality checks every hour will help you create a habit every hour of you checking and this will lead to you doing this subconsciously while you sleep which is when you will be able to induce lucidity when you find out that you’re sleeping. Some effective and simple reality checks include the following…

Number checking

One of the simplest checks that you can do is number checking, if you have a watch then this would probably be the easiest for you to do. All you have to do is check the time, look away and check again. In reality time won’t change drastically when you look away however in a dream like state the brain finds it harder to continue sequences which is why you might find that the time has in fact changed quite a lot since you looked away.


Another method that you can do is trying to breathe while your hands are holding your nose and your mouth is closed. What this should do is make it harder for you in reality (unless you have gills) but in the dream world this should be possible for you to still breathe easily.

Look at your hands

Just like number checking another method that you can use is just simply counting your fingers. Normally you should have 5 on each hand however as mentioned your brain might struggle to keep the sequence up and you might find that you have lost some digits or maybe you might have gained some (try not to freak yourself out).

Check your surroundings

For those who wake up in a familiar surrounding such as their room you will want to look around and see if anything is out of place. You might find out that your window or bed has moved or something else. Many people try to look around their room before they fall asleep in case this happens so that they know whether or not they are in a dream when something moves.

Use your mind

When you are dreaming everything is under your control so when you see your dream sign maybe try and turn off a light or change the surroundings or make something appear, there are many things that you can do with your mind while you are sleeping.

Do you look different?

You might find that when you look in the mirror that your appearance is different than usual in a dream state which is normal but this is another reality check to use to keep an eye out for whether or not you’re in a lucid state.

There are plenty of reality checks that you can use to get a lucid dream and they are all effective methods that are even simple for beginners to go through.

As mentioned before reality checks are in fact very effective methods to induce lucidity but they aren’t for everyone. There are other methods you can use to get a lucid dream. You can also check out our blog which contains tips, tricks and more methods and information that can help you with your journey to achieve your lucid dream.

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